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Projects & Programs

Much of the Center’s activities are aimed at promoting the economic well-being of low-income individuals in developing countries. The beneficiaries of such activities will be the low-income individuals who are aided in becoming self-sufficient entrepreneurs. These activities further the Global Center's purposes by providing educational assistance and promoting the economic self-sufficiency of disadvantaged individuals and communities.

The Center’s efforts also focus on working with government bodies, agencies, and academic institutions to translate technical and scientific proposals into practical solutions and alternatives. This will be done through applied research studies, the publication of technical papers, sponsoring regional forums, and other similar activities. The direct beneficiaries of such activities will be the government bodies and agencies and non-government organizations in the developing world that are working to promote democracy, social equality and economic opportunities for disadvantaged individuals. The ultimate beneficiaries of the Center’s activities will be the large percentage of populations in developing countries who are disenfranchised by poverty and social inequalities.

The Center’s planned activities in foreign countries include working with governments, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions, to identify and implement practical solutions to counter the historical inequities and institutionalized poverty that hinder efforts to create stable democracies. The Center will also create and cultivate micro-enterprise opportunities for disenfranchised individuals, through the use of small business loans or other forms of financial assistance to support the development of microenterprises.


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