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Initiatives & Partnerships

The Center intends to focus its efforts on promoting democracy, governance, and economic self-sufficiency in developing countries by initiating and supporting focused analysis of the complex causes of institutionalized poverty and social inequality.

Given President Toledo’s involvement in and understanding of the specific issues facing Peru, the Center’s initial efforts will focus on Peru and other South American countries, holding its main office in Lima, Perú. However, President Toledo is also involved in creating two additional branches of the Global Center for Development and Democracy, in Washington, DC, and in Madrid, Spain. All three offices have been formed for the express purpose of developing research and disseminating studies, proposals, and alternatives related to social development in Peru and its neighbouring countries.

As more individuals become involved with the Center, it is anticipated that the Center’s focus will take on a more international scope, focusing on many developing countries and regions of the world, with the aim of creating a clearinghouse of ideas and solutions to the common problems of poverty, social inequality, and historical imbalances that have hindered many of the economically disenfranchised regions of the world.


The Global Center for Development and Democracy

Calle María Parado de Bellido 245
Miraflores, Lima 18, Perú

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E-mail: contacto@cgdd.org


Global Center for Development and Democracy

505 9th St NW
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E-mail: contacto@cgdd.org