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What we do

It provides research and recommendations for public policies to end poverty,inequality and exclusion. It supports the goal to meet the Millennium Goals. It proposes:

.TO STRENGTHEN DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS: To guide decision-making at community,regional,national and latin American levels to overcome poverty,exclusion and inequality.

.CREATE OPINION: To comprehend the relationship between poverty,development and governability,and spred examples of good practice of democracy.

.PARTICIPATION: To strengthen public awareness, empower citizens about their civil rights and defend institutionality.

.LEADERSHIP: To promote democratic governance capacities,with priority on youth and women, on political ,social and economic realms.

.GENERATE PROPOSALS:To provide analysis,reflection and proposals to strengthen democracy and governance with social inclusion in Latin America.


The Global Center for Development and Democracy

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Miraflores, Lima 18, Perú

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E-mail: contacto@cgdd.org


Global Center for Development and Democracy

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E-mail: contacto@cgdd.org