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CGDD Signs Agreement with IDB to Implement Project in the Lurin Valley

The Lurín River Valley is the last green valley in Lima,Peru`s capital City,which supplies water,agricultural products and environmental services to ist population,but with low productivity levels and limited connectivity with the Capital`s huge markets. The project "Territorial Development and Job Creation in the Lurin Valley" starded in 2010,with the goal of strengthening cooperation between citizens,local authorities and social organizations to generate new productive and business alternatives to increase income for impoverished families in a region with environmental sustainability,economic competitiveness  and social inclusion.
In 2012,the Municipal Commonwealth of the upper Lurín Valley approved the construction of two reservoirs to stores 40 million cubic meters of water and to offset its scarcity during th dry season,which will add 10.000 hectares of arable land. The municipalities,with backing from the Global Center for Development and Democracy, organized six participatory workshops to  discuss and approve the territorial economic development plan for the upper Vaalley,identifying projects susch as irrigation,agriculture and tourism in each district for the next 10 years



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