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First Workshop for correspondents from the Lurin River Basin

The first workshop of correspondents from the Lurin River Basin will take place on Thursday, May 16 in the Civic Center of Lahuaytambo, Huarochirí. The workshop is addressed to producers from different districts, who will shortly be actively involved in a community radio program.

The seminar is organized by the Global Center for Development and Democracy through the project "Territorial Development and Job Creation in Lurin River Basin" which aims to create shortly a permanent community radio. The radio will broadcast its program called "The Voice of the Basin", the first is major media outlet for producers and farmers.

workshop's main objective is to provide members of the Lurin River Basin Communicators Network, with techniques and tools to communicate the highlights of their social environment.

Producers in Lurin Basin Agricultural Fair Mistura

Producers of the Lurin River Basin, together with AAPA, Suricancha Rural Community, Sierra Huarochirana, among others, will participate in the Agricultural Fair Mistura, to be launched every Sunday from May 19, on blocks 29 and 32 of the well known Avenida Brasil.

This fair is organized by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy-APEGA in agreement with the Municipality of Magdalena del Mar and will allow small producers from around the country put their products on sale. There will be about 50 booths available to the public.

The Global Center for Development and Democracy is facilitating the access to this agricultural fair, to smallholder organizations. The fair will have innovative service and attention characteristics.

Mistura is interested in promoting the relationship between producer-Chef, so that producers have better income and therefore may continue to produce the food they need to cook the national dishes.

At the fair, there will also be booths where Cheff of Mistura will create different dishes, making the fair a more attractive one.

This is a fair inspired in the Great Market that takes place in the International Mistura Fair every year.

Grassroots leaders of Villa El Salvador prepare forum on information technology and communication

Grassroots leaders of Villa El Salvador, participants of the Digital Democracy Network Consortium gathered together at the council room of the Municipality of the District in order to organize the Forum "The Impact of ITCs in social organizations of Villa El Salvador" which will take place on May 29th at 5pm in the auditorium of Cecoprode.

In that event they will also present a recet publication based on their experience: "Bridging gaps to promote digital democracy", which summarizes DDN´s work both in Villa Maria del Triunfo and Villa El Salvador.

RDD project was launched as an initiative from the VI Summit of former presidents of Latin America and the Caribbean, held in 2011 and was developed for the purpose of giving effect to social actors in exercising their citizens' rights and thus have greater participation and access to public information and make their voices heard politics and the market, in compliance with the recommendations of the Social Agenda for the Development and Democracy in Latin America.

If you want to know more about the RDD project RDD, we invite you to watch this video http://goo.gl/Mijxt

Toledo: “the populist authoritarian regimes undermine the sustainability of economic growth and democracy”

"We would like that Venezuela´s Sunday´s elections turns out to be a process of reconciliation among all men and women citizens of that country; we demand that elections be transparent and without the use of the armed forces in mobilizing people to suit one candidate. We also regret the absence of international observers on Sunday", reflected former president of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, a few days before the elections that will define the successor of late Hugo Chavez.

"We firmly ask the National Electoral College to be equitable and not allow any manipulation for power handling. Monarchies are not allowed In Latin America; whoever is in power does not choose his successor, it is the women and men voters who do so" remarked former president Toledo.

Former Presidents say that "Venezuelans are not alone"


Wednesday April 10, 2013 12:00 AM

A group of 287 personalities and activists from different countries issued a statement in which they said to all Venezuelans "the democratic international community is with you."

The document is signed, among others, by former presidents Alejandro Toledo (Peru), Fernando de la Rua (Argentina), Jorge Fernando Quiroga (Bolivia), Lucio Gutiérrez (Ecuador), Nicolás Ardito Barletta (Panama), Oscar Arias (Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize), Oswaldo Hurtado (Ecuador), Vicente Fox (Mexico) and Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala).

"We, the undersigners of the statement, are following with great attention and solidarity, the Venezuelan electoral process. Democracy in Venezuela and in Latin America demand careful and critical follow up from all democrats from the region and the world, in order to contribute that all people in Venezuela can settle their differences and elect their authorities in a democratic way", they said.


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