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First radio program which will bring together the whole River Basin in Lurin

The first radio program addressed to the 10 districts of the Lurin River Basin will be launched on Saturday, Inca Radio 540 AM, beginning at 8:30am until 9:00am thanks to the Global Center for Development and Democracy and sponsored by the Lurin River Municipal Commonwealth Basin.

"The voice of the Lurin Basin" is the program that will tackle topics about local customs, tourist attractions, community projects, entrepreneurial issues and much more. The radio program aims to make this media as a source of communication among the 10 districts. This program will be conducted by Pamela Estrada, CGDD´s Communications Specialist and journalist, and will be supported by the network of trained local correspondants from each of the ten districts.

Purchase of Globovision would confirm restriction of the rights in Venezuela

In an interview with ATV Plus, International Analyst and Director of the Latin American Institute for Leadership and Governance (ILLGP) Oscar Schiappa-Pietra, addressed the issue of the social and political situation in Venezuela after purchasing Globovision.

"The purchase of Globovision confirms a clear trend of progressive restriction of rights in Venezuela. The Board of Globovision has denied that they will have an official stance but the facts seem to indicate otherwise, as was evidenced through the closure of programs and the resignations of journalists and producers, which adds to what Henrique Capriles reported, when he said that he is already being censored by Glovision", stated the Director of ILLGP

Forum on information technology and communications in Villa El Salvador

The Forum "Impact of ICT in social organizations of Villa El Salvador", organized by seven VES community based organizations, resulting from the Digital Democracy Network Project, will take place on Wednesday May 29th, at 6:30 pm at the Cesar Vallejo auditorium

VES RDD Consortium's commitment is to foster community networks among those who participated at an early stage through RDD´s literacy and digital democracy project.The Consortium convenes seven RDD based organizations such as CODIMUVES, Red - CAVES, and PEL-VES.

The spekers invited to participate in the forum are, among others, Maite Vizcarra, Executive Director of INNOVA - IPAE, Jaddy Fernandez, Head of the National Office of Electronic Government and Information - Presidency of the Council of Minister, Carmen Omonte, Congresswoman of the Republic, Ana Maria Romero - Lozada , CEO of CGDD and former Minister of Women and Social Development, Erick Iriarte, President of the Internet Society Peru.

Producers of the Lurin Basin Participate at Mistura Agricultural Fairs

Two organizations from the Lurin River Basin, Aproac and Suricancha are participating at the Mistura Agricultural Fairs since last Sunday May 19th, located in blocks 30 and 32 of Brasil Avenue in Lima.

Products like quince and apple nectar, crushed, honey and the delicious native potatoes are the most popular products in the Agricultural Fair placed by the producers - farmers from the Lurin Basin.

The Global Center for Development and Democracy (CGDD), through the project "Territorial development and employment generation in the Lurin River Basin" encourages the creation of new products and services that generate employment and income of the inhabitants of the Basin Lurin.

During the first week, the fair received over four thousand visitors. The organizations participating in the Fair, belong to the Agrifood Gastronomic Chains of the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega), and they all have the support of the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank.

CGDD signs an agreement with San Pedro Sula University and DUX Business School

As part of its 35th anniversary, the University of San Pedro Sula and DUX Business School signed today an agreement with the Global Center for Development and Democracy (CGDD) to promote economic self-sufficiency and sustainable democracy in Honduras.

The CGDD is dedicated to promote sustainable democracy and self-sufficient economy in developing countries, deepening the understanding of poverty, social inequality and the historical imbalance in excluded regions. Through the design and implementation of practical solutions, It also promotes welfare to individuals, particularly women, in economically marginalized communities around the world.

Senén Villanueva Henderson, Vice Chancellor of the University of San Pedro Sula, explained that the importance of making an alliance with the CGDD is to allow the University to host the center, and in this way, "contribute to the promotion and consolidation of democracy in Honduras and Latin America through education"


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