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Jaime Paz Zamora- Former President of Bolivia

Jaime Paz is a Bolivian politician and former President of Bolivia (from 1989 to 1993). He was born in Cochabamba, April 15, 1939. He is the son of General Nestor Paz Galarza, hero of the Chaco War, and Edith Zamora. He studied at the Jesuit college degree Sacred Heart city of Sucre. Later, he entered the seminary in Villa Allende, Cordoba (Argentina), where he received the Bachelor of Philosophy. He completed his academic training to a degree in Social and Political Science, majoring in International Relations. There he was elected president of the Federation of Latin American Students.

Gustavo Noboa- Former President of Ecuador

Gustavo Noboa Bejarano José Joaquin is a university professor and former president of Ecuador. He was born on August 21, 1937, Guayaquil, Guayas Province.

He received all his training in his native Guayaquil, in the Columbus College and then at Catholic University, for which he graduated in Political and Social Sciences. In 1965 he obtained a doctorate in law at his alma mater and the following year he began teaching at the Faculty of Law, Social and Political Sciences in the subjects of Municipal Law and Civil Law, although since 1962 and was performing teaching duties in schools.

He became President of the Republic following the departure of Jamil Mahuad's presidency.

Ricardo Rodolfo Maduro – Former President of Honduras

Ricardo Rodolfo Maduro Joest (born 20 April 1946 in Panama) is a former President of Honduras and Bank of Honduras chairman. Maduro graduated from The Lawrenceville School (where he was awarded the Lawrenceville Medal, Lawrenceville's highest award to alumni) and later Stanford University. He was President between 27 January 2002, and 27 January 2006, representing the National Party of Honduras (PNH).

Oswaldo Hurtado- Former President of Ecuador

Luis Osvaldo Hurtado Larrea (born June 26, 1939 in Chambo, Chimborazo Province, Ecuador) is an Ecuadorian author and politician who served as President of Ecuador from 1981 to 1984.

During his studies at the Catholic University in the 1960s, Hurtado became a student leader. Afterwards, he lectured political sociology at his alma mater and at the Centro Andino of the University of New Mexico. He became one of the most widely read political scientists of his home country. In 1977, he authored an influential book on Ecuadorian politics titled El Poder Político en el Ecuador (English: "Political Power in Ecuador").

Vinicio Cerezo - Former President of Guatemala

Marco Vinicio Cerezo Arévalo is Guatemalan lawyer and politician, and a true believer in the Central American integration. He was president of Guatemala from 1986 to 199. He was the creator, sponsor and signer of the peace agreements in Central America, Esquipulas I and II. He is currently president of the Esquipulas Foundation for Central American Integration. He is a member of the Carter Center; He is also a permanent member of the Forum of Biarritz (France) and international speaker.


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