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Eliane Karp: "Over 500 years have gone by and we are still talking about an invisible Peru, which is, unacceptable"

Speaking at the forum entitled "Multiculturalism in times of globalization," the former first lady, Eliane Karp - Toledo said that Internet can help tremendously to the development of indigenous peoples, thus, the application of necessary policies to give access to this network turns out to be indispensable

"Internet and social networks can help enormously. The contact of indigenous peoples with the modern word is huge and we shouldn’t consider it otherwise. Obviously the penetration of Internet in the Amazon or the Andes is less intense than in Lima, and that is something we have to improve making sure we reach the last village, "she said.

Also, Karp explained the ideas and thoughts of her latest book “The Invisible Peru”, and said that the fight to vindicate the diversity and plurality in our country is difficult and longlasting.

"Over 50 years have gone by and we are still talking about an invisible Peru, which is unacceptable for a democratic country. Multiculturalism means: I understand you, you understand me and we respect everyone. We see all of us, "she said.

She added that multiculturalism and interculturalism are part of the implementation of a fair and legal democracy, "although Peru does not yet know how to manage it."

"How do we live the ethnic, cultural, linguistic and thought diversity in Peru? Are we an open and tolerant society? One of the main issues is how to manage multiculturalism. We still do not know how to, and that's what we have to learn and work for, "she said.

The event was organized by the first vice president of Congress, Modesto Julca, and was attended by former president Alejandro Toledo, former State Ministers Ana Maria Romero Lozada, Doris Sanchez and Anel Townsend, and former president of the Congress Marcial Ayaipoma.


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