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Former President Alejandro Toledo began a US tour to present his book -The Shared Society,

The Society Shared.

Former President Alejandro Toledo began a US tour to present in various academic and research centers and financial fora his latest book -The Shared Society- a research on the future and the potential of Latin America.

Toledo will present his work at the University of Denver, Stanford, Berkeley and San Francisco. He then will go to New York and Washington to do the same in prestigious organizations such as: Inter-American Dialogue, Council of the Americas and the Inter-American Development Bank.

The Shared Society evaluates the transformation and promotion of the region in the last two decades and suggests that, despite the current period of economic stagnation, the discovery of new oil and mineral deposits, increased energy exports, manufacturing and tourism, it will continue to drive growth and economic development in Latin America.

The author expects that by 2050 the population will not only be better off than today, but if we recover and emphasize economic growth, 40% of people now living in poverty, will join decisively to a rising middle class.

The condition for the reasonable future -considers Toledo, is that "democratic institutions-including the State- should function more efficiently and that Latin America’s environmental balance, rich in its diversity, must be respected and not be altered."

In that sense, The Shared Society is also developing a plan for the immediate future of Latin America.

The book is the result of two years of research at the Center for Development, Democracy and Rule of Law (CDDRL) of The Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and has been published in English under the prestigious imprint of Stanford University Press.


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